February 23rd, 2014 by Aaron Web

Sometime in November of 2005, I found myspace, and created my first webpage. I quickly became a frequent myspace user. I was quite proud of myself making my first web page (myspace), and I looked into how to make my page look cooler than other people. I self-taught myself html, and learned a little flash, photo editing/creation, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, and web security (due to recent DoS and DDoS attacks).

In no time at all my page looked awesome, the only downside of that is that I got tons of messages asking how I made my myspace so cool. So i kept answering them, but sooner or later, it was too many to handle. So I decided to just put it all on a website, deadmaneating.com.

Then, I started my own web business. And it worked! I made sales! So I started writing about some of the issues that were occurring in my everyday life. And, here we are!

You gotta love it!


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