Battery Time

Pretty and it lasts!

I do have to say that since I bought the new iPhone I have been very impressed with the battery life in general. For a long period of time I had been using an android handset because I thought that it was probably one of the better ones on the market. I have to admit I was a little bit afraid of joining the cult of Apple, which makes a lot of sense because there are a lot of weird old people in it. But, after I got over the fact that a lot of my friends were into stupid games that really made very little sense to me, I decided that maybe when I was upgrading my new phone that I should try an iPhone. It turned out to be a superb move because of the fact that I have enjoyed using it for quite a while.

I do understand that it is essentially a device in which Apple is attempting to make it much money off of me as possible, but once you get over the somewhat monolithic feeling of having your soul sucked dry by a huge corporation, you actually get to like the iPhone little bit. The battery life alone I think is probably the best thing that I’ve seen with it. In fact, I did a test of my previous T-Mobile G2 phone when compared with the iPhone, and ensure that I probably got at least two hours of talk time more. Even though I like the idea of serving you know my telephone, I really don’t use it is much as a lot of people claim to. I don’t understand what all these people are doing on the Internet, but then again I am one of those that people who doesn’t actually subscribe to any Twitter feeds or a lot of other idiotic social trends that are going on right now.

I suppose if I was trying to tweet and retweet stupid 144 character messages about how crappy my life is, I guess I probably would get a lot less battery life. But, I can say that for what it does, the iPhone is a really easy and manageable device that does actually have some pretty high quality battery life. I still like my android phone, but I find that I use a lot less than I used to. Of course, I still don’t like the fact that Apple tends to lock in almost everything on the iPhone and that it is tough to get any kind of applications outside of the iTunes arena. But, I guess you have to admit that this is a little bit of a freaky cult thing nowadays, and you either love it or you walk away.

Right now I’m close, but I will say that walking away isn’t something I will be doing any time soon. I’m willing to give this whole thing a shot, and I’m glad I have the power to do so.


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